Special Education Frequently Asked Questions What is a special education advocate? A special education advocate is a committed professional who helps parents secure free appropriate public education for their children with disabilities. A special education advocate is not an attorney. A special education advocate will recommend an attorney when necessary. A knowledgeable advocate has expertise concerning special education and its applicable federal and state laws and works within the bounds of these laws. An advocate protects the civil rights of children with special needs, preserves their rights to due process, and their rights to equal access to public school education. An Advocate remains current with applicable regulations and special education issues through continuing education and training. What does a special education advocate do? A special education advocate represents the best interests of the student in the educational process. Their goal is to work with the educational system and develop a high quality program that meets your child’s special education needs. A special education advocate knows your rights as a parent as well as your child’s educational rights. They are able to interpret assessment reports and can explain their meaning to parents. A special education advocate can help parents/guardians with all aspects of the IEP meeting. A special education advocate provides advice and assistance throughout the IEP process. They are knowledgeable with writing goals and objectives to meet the child’s individual needs. A special education advocate can refer parents to appropriate professionals for additional assistance and services if required. Who do special education advocates help? Special Education Advocates help families of children with any learning or educational concerns. Some children may have already been identified as eligible for special education services or a 504 Plan. Often, children may be struggling at school and parents need information and professional guidance so that they can support their child in the educational system. special education advocate

The following are areas that may affect your child’s learning:

Specific Learning Disabilities

Speech and Language Disorder

Serious Emotional Disorders

Autistic Like Behaviors

Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment

Severe Orthopedic Impairment

Intellectual Disability

Traumatic Brain Injury

Other Health Impaired; included, but not limited to:

Attention deficit, heart condition, cancer, leukemia, rheumatic fever, chronic kidney

Disease, cystic fibrosis, severe asthma, epilepsy, lead poisoning, diabetes, tuberculosis and other communicable infectious diseases, sickle cell anemia, and hemophilia. When should you need the services of a Special Education Advocate? Some examples of when the professional services of a Special Education Advocate are needed: if you need someone to assist you at IEP meetings; if you feel your child is not receiving the services they require in order to support their unique needs; if you feel that your child is not in the appropriate school placement, if your child’s district is not complying with the current IEP; if you are told by your district that your child no longer needs special education services and is being exited; if you feel that your child could benefit from Assistive Technology or additional services from their current educational placement; if you feel that your child is being denied special education services; if your child is on a Section 504 and you feel that he/she may qualify for an IEP; if your child is not making progress in his/her current educational placement and you are interested in learning about alternative placements. If you have questions regarding your child’s current academic/emotional progress in the school system and would like to speak with someone regarding their current status, Lori can sit down with you and listen. How are advocates compensated? Lori is compensated on an hourly rate. An initial intake meeting is held whereby background information is shared regarding your child’s history. Once engaged, a retainer is requested to initiate the work. Transportation costs, telephone calls, consultations with appropriate school or private personnel are included within the hourly rate.

special education advocate

Special Education Frequently Asked Questions
Special Education Advocate and Educational
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