Special Educational Consultation and Advocacy Services

Provide advocacy services to assist parents of children with special needs in matters pertaining to their child’s educational program, services, and placement

Advocacy support with the SST process, IEPs, 504s, and other school meetings

Review Assessment Plans, Evaluations and all educational reports/records

Development of appropriate goals and objectives to meet the child’s special needs

Involvement at all levels with the development of a strong Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Collaborate communication with schools to ensure appropriate and effective services

Non-Public School (NPS) Placements

Early Education Program support

Observations at school sites

Assist parents and families to help their child with special needs

Provide relevant resources and referrals

Assist in developing appropriate educational placement

Referrals for Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

Explanation of Parents Special Education Rights

Letter writing to school and district personnel

Assistance in negotiating and resolving disputes with districts

Empower and educate families in advocating for their children

Assists clients in making informed decisions about appropriate educational services by providing clients with relevant information.

special education advocate

special education advocate
Special Education Advocate and Educational
special education advocate